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Using symbolism as an atheist

Though I’ve touched on the topic before, I think this topic deserves some additional attention.  I believe in being a moral member of society (of course right?), and I also believe quite firmly that no one needs to pay any attention to religion or by extension, singular, plural, or omni gods to be such a member.  Thus I am an atheist.   Continue reading

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Personal Growth

I have seen the future! My future, and it’s glorious.  Better than I had ever thought possible, truly.  And I will, as my favorite starship captain always says, “make it so.”

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Ways to learn and memorize Kanji

As a long-time student of Japanese one ever present aspect of my study is that of kanji.  For my generation the word kanji is fairly well known, for older generations it means Chinese character or glyph.  Though called Chinese characters the word kanji is Japanese.  The reason for this is that the Japanese language adopted the Chinese writing system some centuries ago.   Continue reading

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Free time problem? I don’t think so…

So you say you have too much free time?  You say it’s a problem?  I say you are losing a battle with creativity!

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Wedding Stuff

There’s so much wedding stuff to do!  Since Miu and I decided on having a wedding I’ve learned about a lot of it.  Just like in America, the wedding industry in Japan is huge!

Costs for ceremonies range from 5000 to 50000 dollars easily, and as I’m sure anyone who has looked into whats possible with weddings knows, the sky is the limit.

So far as I can tell we’re planning a ceremony something along the following lines:
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Teaching with real examples

Teaching is easy.  You just tell people stuff.  Teaching all of your students effectively on the other hand can be a monumentally difficult task.  As a relatively uneducated, unseasoned teacher I find teaching people that learn fast to be the most satisfying, but that’s because it’s easy.  Teaching the slower learners and those that aren’t as adept at taking on new ideas is very challenging and sometimes frustrating.

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久しぶりに日本語のポストだ。日本ではOSとかオペレーティングシステムってあまりよく話されていないと思うので、少しだけでも説明したりさせていただきたい。 Continue reading

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