How well do you know me?

You get a point if you can message me any of the following things.
I will post point rankings, please only reply in form of private message/email (
If anyone can answer all 25 I will be totally surprised, questions go from a long time ago to recent.

I will answer each after you respond so you can learn more about me :-p

1. What is my full name?
2. Which would I prefer: Beach or Mountain
3. What is the MUD I’ve wasted too much of my life playing?
4. What is the other game I’ve wasted too too much of my life playing?
5. What kind of tea have I claimed has narcotic properties?
6. What movie is my favorite quote from (quote not included)?
7. What town was I born in?
8. How many siblings do I have?
9. Have I written more fiction or poetry?
10. What common type of meat do I avoid eating?
11. What band do I always say is my favorite?
12. What has been my favorite job that I’ve worked?
13. What kind of car do I drive? Make and Model?
14. What kind of car was my last car? Make and Model?
15. What brand is my newer guitar?
16. What medical condition do I chronically suffer from?
17. Do I prefer wine or beer?
18. What award have I won that I prize most?
19. What kind of toy did I play with for years growing up?
20. What is my favorite photo I’ve taken of?
21. Who is my favorite poet (I’ll give you a point for either of two poets)?
22. What is my favorite style/movement of painting?
23. What color are the walls in my room at home?
24. Am I near-sighted, far-sighted, or have astigmatism?
25. What foreign country have I been to?


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