North versus South

I must say, while I never used to understand it either I’m now fairly sympathetic to many of the southerners that are still pissed off at the North.  People say, the war’s been over for more than a hundred years!  Yes yes it has, And in many ways the South never recovered.  People often forget what happened in the Civil War and the “Reconstruction” that happened after it.  For me one of the biggest issues is that the Union soldiers systematically burned every court house they came across.  By doing this they incinerated the only means of tracing the ancestry and history of hundreds of thousands of families.  In the past 100 years the family legacies and stories have had enough time to die out, leaving many southern families with very little sense of personal history and identity outside of their “Southern” heritage.  Well, if that’s what you’ve got you’re free to wear it with pride as far as I’m concerned.  Never underestimate the need for personal identity.


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