Wow, I like food.  Surprisingly I like healthy foods considerably more than unhealthy ones.

I’ve become rather fond of Cole Slaw lately.  My great uncle Oscar Lewis used to eat cabbage all the time, I attribute his long life (into his 90s) to his diet.  He was insane, but he was alive.  I’ll take both if I must.

Beer is awesome for cooking.  I marinated some chicken with beer (heineken), spicy brown mustard, olive oil, lime juice, paprika, salt, pepper, and sugar.  It kicked ass.  I’m intending to get some cooking sherry when I go back to school.  Vodka is also good for cooking with.  One of my apartment mates made a penne pasta sauce with vodka that was pretty incredible, and also not very cooked… i got kinda buzzed.

I’ve found that the best desserts are usually fresh fruit.  Holy crap cantaloupe (muskmelon as I’ve learned is what it actually is)  is amazing.  Standard watermelon, honeydew, and every other fruit is pretty damn good too.  For some reason though I don’t really eat fruit unless it’s presented to me… So most stuff sitting in the fridge just goes to waste.



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