So, one of the biggest questions in philosophy I think is What is reality?

I’ve always been of the mind that reality is whatever we perceive it to be, and there are a lot of others that would agree with me on that. But I no longer know if I can totally accept that because I think that I have experienced pure cognition without perception in a meditative state. I don’t actually think what I just described is possible, but regardless it seems to me that I achieved this. Were it true that I achieved this state of pure cognition then I would have to extricate perception from a necessary definition of reality. In a way this would be exciting, the idea of pure consciousness has long evaded many philosophers and psychologists, it could implicate a frightening irrealis with regards to how we fundamentally think about existence.

On another note, losing grip on reality isn’t a plus for ones psychological health. Anytime I stop moving I start feeling lost. Maybe it’s the genetic wanderlust my family instilled in me combined with my inquisitive and explorative nature.


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