I woke up early again today, around 6 am, jet lag for me turned into shifting my schedule to that of an early morning person without any other major side effects. Bakeries not being open early here is really annoying… But then I guess there aren’t really that many bakeries back home anyway. If you ever come to Japan you should learn to like seaweed, because it is in many many things in some form or another, including some of their bread as a filling. I finally found the bread that has the sweet bean paste in it, it was called あんぱん which is pronounced roughly “ahn pahn” in traditional English phoneticization. My first personal goal has been to learn the names and kanji (chinese characters) for as much food as I can, because it’s difficult not knowing what anything is when you’re looking for something to eat. On the other hand I can always count on surprises!

I withdrew 25000 yen which is roughly 250 US dollars and went down to the Sangenjaya station commuter pass office and got a 3 month student commuter pass for roughly 20000 yen. That should, starting tomorrow, let me go from Sangenjaya station to Tamachi station, which is near Mita campus of Keio University, for no additional cost, as much as I want. The other handy thing is that means I can get to Shibuya in 5 minutes, and for free instead of walking for 45 minutes or so. Shibuya is one of the worlds busiest/biggest shopping districts. It’s pretty nice, just a little crowded.

Setagaya-ku is a pretty laid back, as Tokyo goes, ward of the city. I found the Setagaya Park (世田谷公園) while walking around, I took some photos but had a little trouble getting the lighting to look right, it was darkly-overcast. This is a pretty gorgeous time of the year in Tokyo, it’s the end of the cherry blossom season, just before they start falling en masse. So there are lots of hanami (はなみ) or flower festivals going on this weekend. Apparently there are a lot of Dennys here. I knew McDonalds was around, but I was happily surprised to find a nearby Subway as well.


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