Food here thus far:

It’s been an adventure, it’s really hard to figure out what I’m eating because half of the names of stuff are written in kanji I don’t know. So I’ve been questing to learn what stuff is. I really expected most of the food here to be fish, because that’s what you always hear. でもそうじゃない! (but it’s not true!) There’s a crap ton of pork and beef and some chicken as well. Turkey is very rare here unlike in the US. Sure there are some fish dishes and shrimp and other seafood as well but it’s not nearly as huge of a thing as I expected.

Things I’ve learned about food in Japan:

Western food is IN, but only if it’s been totally Japanicized.

Wheat bread does not exist here.

70% of breads in bakeries are filled with something, some are sweet, some are savory.

Pork is either Buta or Ton, sometimes with Nikku (the word for meat) sometimes without.

Beef is usually Gyu, but it may be something else I havn’t figured out yet as well.

Seaweed is in tons of things you’d never expect, like combu-filled bread for instance.

Wakane Udon is primarily seaweed, the kind I had today had Spinach and a half of a boiled egg as well. Kitsune Udon has pieces of fried tofu, Kakiage Udon has a tempura mixture in it. If you don’t know Udon are big fat japanese noodles, contrasted with soba which are usually thin and spaghetti-like. Raamen or Ramen are thin noodles as well but the dishes are different than soba dishes, they’re also made from a different flour. The precise differences must be discovered somewhere else. Raamen apparently comes from the same word as Lo-mein, it’s a transliteration from Chinese both ways.

So far, Kitsune Udon is my favorite noodle dish. The broth is delicious, kind of sweet but a good salty contrast.

One other thing I’ve learned somewhat related to food but other things as well… the American dollar is worth jack shit here… Europeans come here and feel rich. It makes me sad :-/ Now is not the time to travel as an American. Oh also, Japanese coke is “Refreshing and Uplifting” so it’s gone one up on US coke I think.


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  1. Meagan

    I’m so glad that you’re writing here! I like reading about your adventures.

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