Well, today was the opening ceremony, of which I understood about 1/3 at best.  After that was a campus tour which I took as an opportunity to meet a few more international students as well as some members of KOSMIC a group that’s really all about international student and japanese student relations.  We also got our textbooks for our classes.

To my disappointment I found out that level 3 grammar is all stuff I’ve learned already.  No fear! Everything else is about par and I can study grammar on my own.  It’s the practice that I really need and I’m planning on getting that from daily interaction like I sort of have been anyway.  Besides, I’m not 100% comfortable with the material we’re supposed to learn, so it’ll be a good opportunity to review and learn new phrases and vocabulary.  Optimism is the way to go!

Anyway, tomorrow is my first day of classes and I desire a shower, primarily to humidify my lungs and sinuses… goddamn cold or allergies or what the hell ever.  Using my room as a drying rack helped with that last night I think, it wasn’t really an option since the dryers here are crap.


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