I won the lottery! The housing lottery at William and Mary that is. I’m living in a Lodge! They’re some of the most sought after housing on campus. Plus I’m living there with a bunch of guys from my Freshman hall who I really like spending time with… so it’s like a double win. Man, that makes my entire outlook on things right now shoot way up! Woohooo for winning the lottery!

Wow, and with class registration done I feel like I’ve made a ton of progress… I finished the final paper for my 1 credit course and the only assignment for my floating 3 credit course that I needed to finish for now. Just gotta get through this summer and learn as much Japanese as I can! I need to remember that is my only real goal while I’m here, the rest is just having fun!

Damn, then I’m gonna graduate and shit. Rock! Life goes on.


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