Well, I’ve now had Japanese sushi.  Had some from the gourmet grocery store here called Foodium, which was quite good, then tonight I had some from a take-out sushi place called Chiyoda which was also good and quite cheap.  It was 20% off because it wasn’t super fresh anymore, being sold at 7pm.  So maybe eventually I’ll have some at one of those revolving conveyor belt restaurants, but I really want to try Otoro, and to do that I think I need to go to an expensive sushi restaurant.

I lack people to talk to… which is frustrating and kind of makes me want to play LoTN again just for the social interaction.

I finally got a pencil sharpener from the 100yen shop, as well as a little tea ball for brewing tea.  Woohoo I don’t have to fish out all the tea leaves anymore.

Also, there must be something that I’m allergic to in my room, whenever I’m in here I always have bad sinus pressure… I don’t know what it is!!!


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