Disney Sea?

Apparently I’m going to Disney Sea in Tokyo next week… I suppose I was passively peer pressured into going, as apparently there is a large group of international students going. What the hell, I’ve never been to a Disney park of any kind so we’ll see what the fuss is all about. I do really like some of the Disney movies. We’re going on the anniversary of the Foundation of Keio University at which time Keio has i think bought out the park. Anyway, we’re getting much cheaper tickets, mine was 4200 yen.

In other news, I found a store that sells dried fruit and nuts for a slightly less exorbatant price. So right now i’m munching on some dried pineapple. I also bought some kiwis (the fruit not the bird) which are delicious, and I found out that you can eat them with the skin on, which is awesome because i hate peeling stuff. The skin is a little tart but totally edible.

I had my first tests today, they were both pretty easy but I’m sure that I missed a few questions anyway. I suck at tests.


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