So today I spent about twice my daily budget, but it was well worth it.  I met up with a group of exchange students at Kamakura, a town south of Tokyo that sits on the coast.  It’s known for having the largest outdoor Buddha in Japan.  It was indeed quite a large Buddha.  We also ate at a Noodle place and made a trip to the beach!  Soooo refreshing after nothing but Tokyo’s endless metropolis.  I’ve neglected posting photos on facebook for a long time so I think I will do that tonight.

I’ve also more or less resolved to not bother with traveling to Kyoto.  Largely because I really don’t want to travel to Kyoto.  I was only planning to go because I felt compelled to see more of Japan.  But instead I think I’m just going to spend the same money and go on about 4 day trips within local train reach of Tokyo.  There’s enough to see up here without going to the other majorly touristy city.


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