Well I went to Disney Sea. It was pretty spectacular though I only got to ride like 3 things… lines are too long. I’m eating some olives right now, i found a jar for 300ish yen which isn’t really that bad considering they’re imports. I also got some moderately priced jams and some really cheap japanese bread. Tonight i made pasta with a dash of pepper and a bunch of dried basil and a good dollop of olive oil. Also threw a little shoyu (soy sauce) in for flavoring. It was quite good and very agreeable to my wallet. I have some garlic and onions that i’ll be putting in some tomato based pasta in the near future, should be quite delicious. I may add some mushrooms as well since they’re in abundance here. I also found some pretty cheap apple juice. It’s 100% juice, 1 liter, for about 150 yen. I don’t think its that much more expensive than the US. The juice is quite sweet, but i think it’s a difference in apples used. Also i’ve found that I can eat very cheaply at the university coop cafeteria. Today i spent 378 yen on my lunch and was totally satisfied. Granted sometimes I spend more, but I definitely have the option of spending less.

So anyway the point of all this saving money is so that I can blow it like mad when I’m traveling in the next week (hopefully not too much). I do actually want to save as much as I can because that way I can have more fun later on in the semester instead of spending all my money now. Plus the longer I try to save the better deals I find… and it’s really kind of a fun challenge to see where I can get the cheapest stuff. So yes, I think I inherited this trait from my father.


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