Golden Week?

Can’t really call it a week.. because I’m only getting 3 days off, and one of this is a Saturday (damned Saturday classes). Anyway, I didn’t do anything Saturday. Sunday I was going to go to Nikko with Kate and her friend from High school who now goes to Waseda University. They had tried to go to Nikko twice before and for various reasons failed. Well, we got to the station more or less on time for the train, except that it was already full. So for me It was only a minor disappointment, but I think for them that classifies as an epic fail, which made me somewhat happier because of the hilariousness of the situation. Instead of going to Nikko we first got some udon breakfast at a place near Shinjuku station that was fairly decent. After that we were going to try to go to Costco so we went to an internet cafe to find out how to get to Costco (at the prospect of going to Costco I was really craving some flatbread and hommus). So we get directions but then realize that we can’t go in without a membership… and the membership was not worth buying. DAMNIT… still no flatbread and hommus (this was more disappointing to me than not going to Nikko). So we eventually made our way to Yokohama and walked around for a long while, eventually going to Minato Mirai, getting dinner, riding the ferris wheel, and generally wandering around. We then eventually got back to Sangenjaya and got some dinner#2 from Marufuji, then went out for drinks with another guy from my dorm at the 250yen bar.

Today is Monday, not doing much today except studying (if that).

Tomorrow I intend to go to Kamakura for the 2nd time with Saori and Andrew, this time checking out the hiking trail that I’ve heard about, and probably going to the Daibutsu again. *here’s hoping it’s not too crowded*


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