Really Good Potatoes

So I made some kickass potatoes.

things you need:

a stove eye, a pot, some potatoes (small), cumin, soy sauce, olive oil, cayenne pepper, garlic, chicken (optional).

What I did to make them so awesome:

Cut potatoes in half.  Boiled potatos until they were softish.  Drained water from pot.  Cut the potatoes a bit thinner.  Added some olive oil.  Added 3 cloves of very tiny slivers of minced garlic, the thinner the better.  Let that saute while I sliced up the chicken.  Threw chicken into the pot.  Tossed in some soy sauce (just enough to bring the flavors together), cumin, cayenne pepper, and more olive oil.

Let it cook until the chicken was done on medium heat.

Ate… enjoyed… best potatoes i’ve ever made.  I will repeat this.


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