Dreams In Japanese

I keep having dreams that I’m speaking japanese… and they’re really mind boggling because we’re supposedly talking in japanese but really only a few of the words are in japanese.  It’s quite strange.  And now I just had a really disturbing dream during a nap that I was out around walmart in bedford, for some reason I was drunk, and I was thinking, I’m too drunk to drive, but then for some idiotic reason I got in the car, and then was suddenly driving back down the road in north hills with the loop near the little pond or maybe down peakland court, but either way I totally slid off the road and wrecked… and it gave me that chilling feeling that I actually still remember from the last car wreck I was in… and I immediately woke up from my nap (which I realized went on an hour longer than I meant for it to because I didn’t turn an alarm on).


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