Goma Dare

So I have discovered a possible substitute for tahini if I want to make hommus.  They have a sauce here made from ground toasted sesame seeds called Gomadare, which roughly means Sesame Sauce in Japanese.  It’s expensive, but so is tahini.  Chick peas aren’t a problem, they do exist here.  I will buy some good quality extra virgin olive oil for this, since what I’m using for cooking is the lowest quality “pure” olive oil that exists for sale.  The one thing remaining will be creating flat bread.  I have not figured this out yet, as I can’t find whole wheat flour… and I also don’t have an oven.

Edit: Tahini turns out to be really easy to make.  Just throw some sesame seeds and olive oil in a food processor and blend for a few minutes until creamy.  You do need a food processor though.


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  1. Much later I find out how easy Tahini is to make… *sigh*

    Goma Dare is good stuff though.

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