Walkity Walked

I walked a lot today.  I had class at 1, finished that, turned in my notice of moving out form that had to be done a month in advance, then ate some lunch, then went for some picture takin.  I walked past Tamachi station and took some photos of the area around the water there, the artificial island.  Walked around a part of Tamachi that I wasn’t familiar with.  Then I grabbed the train to Shibuya, and went off to see if I could find a New Era Hanshin Tigers hat.  I did not, but I think I know where it is next time I go.  On the way I explored a lot of Shibuya that I had not yet seen, found the sleazy sections, what i’m pretty sure was a Bong shop, the Ganguro Capital of Shibuya (Shibuya 109),  Capsule hotels, Some cool looking bars and cafes.  Eventually wound up in Yoyogi Park which is pretty much the opposite end of Shibuya from Hachiko.  I didn’t even know that until today.  Yoyogi Park is where Harajuku and Shibuya meet.  It was an entertaining 15 minute walk through the park.  I saw some tap dancers, a model photo-shoot by the fountains, a guy juggling 7-9 balls, some kids racing through the grass, a guy taking tons of pictures of flowers with his cellphone, a dude drumming while sitting on a bench, a couple guitar players, and some homeless guys looking through the trash.  Walked back through another part of Shibuya.  I think I’ve seen most all of Shibuya now, which is fairly impressive considering it’s one of the biggest shopping districts in Tokyo.  That’s not to say I’ve been in even a fraction of the stores, bars, clubs, cafes, karaoke places, etc.

I like walking,  My legs are only a little tired, I could probably go walk quite a bit more… Tokyo’s pretty flat, so compared to Virginia it’s easy walking.


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