7 course meal

I don’t know if it was actually seven.  I lost count at a whole lot… they kept coming.  Things I remember it including were Dim Sum, Sugar Cane, Sword Fish, Pad Thai, Vietnamese Pudding, but there was more.  We went out with most of the people in my language class for a total party size of approximately nine folks to a restaurant called Monsoon pretty near to Roppongi Hills.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was incredible, even the bathroom was great.  We had a good time, and then Balkisu from Nigera and I met Jera at Shibuya for an hour of Karaoke before I grabbed a late train (nearing the last maybe?) home.

Before the seven+/- meal I had a good time chatting with my conversation partners.  They told me that my Japanese has improved at least in fluency/speed a great deal since the first time we met.  Obviously that made me pretty happy.  So even though I had to wake up at 7am this morning I’m quite satisfied with the day.  I think I will sleep now.


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