Been A while

Well I guess I got a bit caught up in exams and such.

The past few days have been a lot of fun, since I finished school.  Two days ago I went to a place called Kouenji, it was pretty nice, quiet, and full of really good looking restaurants, without so many extremely tall buildings.  There I tried a pretty good peach flavored alcohol drink.  Yesterday I had Mr Donut donuts (macha “green tea” flavor) for the first time, had some iced coffee with soy milk at a really nice cafe nearby, then went to a wonderful Choral Performance at the Tokyo Opera House.  After that Jannis, his girlfriend Yuko and I went to a really great Indian restaurant in Shibuya.  From there we went to do Karaoke (on Saturday night… a time I would avoid if possible).  It was however an incredibly good time.

Today I met up with my conversation partners, for a not quite last time (hopefully).  I had a message from Jin who usually organizes it that involved something with a coven of witches.  So I didn’t really know what that was about, and still don’t clearly… unfortunately we didn’t meet up with the coven, maybe they’re in China right now?  I’m not sure.  Anyway we met at Shibuya and ate at a good but expensive cafe called Cheesecake Cafe or something of that sort.  I had a really amazing salad and a tiny pudding for breakfast there 😀  After that we chatted for a long while and eventually Jin and I went to Minato Mirai for the Fireworks show that they put on there this time every year.  We went to a building there on the floor of some japanese language school I think called IUC.  I don’t know what it stands for though.  Anyway it was a few floors above the ground maybe 5-6 so we had a wonderful view from the outside balcony.  It’s similar to the view from Odaiba except from the other side of Rainbow Bridge.  The fireworks were spectacular.  After that we fought the masses and returned to Shibuya, and I came back to Sancha.  I tried some Gobou, which is apparently burdock root.  It’s interesting, but I think the ones I bought were a little moldy so I did not eat them all.  Now I will eat for the 2nd time today (seriously eat) my last pouch of curry with my last bit of rice.


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