True Evil

That’s the meaning of the kanji I chose the other day for my name. I realized that I can write them both from memory because they’re elementary level. My name in japanese is pronounced maaku. The kanji are 真悪. The first is ma, the second is aku. The most literal translation is in fact true evil.

Update wise: Monday I went to the theme park at Tokyo dome with one of my conversation partners named Mariko. We bought free-ride passes and rode all the rides, some multiple times. After that we went to Shibuya and ate at an awesome izakaya and had a couple drinks. Eventually went our separate ways at shibuya.

Tuesday I went to Minato Mirai yet again, this time for a dinner with my language class. It ended up just being Santos, Balkis, Jera, her boyfriend, and me. But we had a great 90 minute buffet dinner for 20 bucks and enjoyed our selves quite a lot. After that I hung around the lounge of the dorm chatting with Willing folks for a few hours.

Today I had what’s probably my last meeting with my conversation partners. We went to Ginza, had sashimi don or something to that effect which was delicious. Then went to a fun toy shop down the road. Eventually we took a train to Asakusa and walked around the popular tourist spot. I bought some souvineers that I thought were pretty worthwhile. Sad to say goodbye to these folks so instead we said, see ya later, except in Japanese.

Tomorrow is the Willing dorm party at Tamagawa, which has been opened up to anyone who wants to come. Should be fun. Maybe I won’t spend so much money tomorrow… that would be good.


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