USA vs. Japan

In my retrospective lens I see myself liking the USA a lot more than Japan.  My experience was very skewed by being more or less stuck in Tokyo for my entire time there.  Lack of free time and funding prevented me from getting outside of the greater Tokyo area.  Tokyo is amazing, don’t get me wrong.  I’d love to return, just not for longer than a week or two.  I already miss Japanese food and service, but I loved the fresh air when I got back home so much that I forgot about those things pretty fast.

My experience in Japan would’ve been a lot better if I hadn’t been so far separated from my friends there.  I really didn’t appreciate how far apart the Keio international housing was from each other… I really wasn’t expecting that before I left.

It was really nice in Japan how everyone in public minds their own business for the most part, despite the occasional trouble that can cause.  I felt like I had my privacy even on crowded streets and trains.  I miss the trains too… It would be so much better in the US if we had public transit like Japan.  Come on mass rail!


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