I am busy.

I will first admit that the primary reason that I am busy is because I’m attempting to balance a social life in with my academic life and future preparations.

Now I will relate to you, faithful reader, some of what I’m busy with:

  1. A paper on something about Connectionism and Language Learning (12-15pages)
  2. Reading and an assignment/paper for my Language Attitudes class, every Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. Reading for my East Asian Cinema class, every Monday and Wednesday.
  4. Compiling a linguistic description of the Korean spoken language.
  5. Preparatory work for my Public Speaking class, which sometimes involves rehearsing speeches.
  6. Doing paperwork, talking to various people, and running around trying to get my credits from Keio University approved and accepted into my William and Mary transcript and graduation credit total.
  7. Trying to do ground work for my Language Attitudes Research Project.
  8. Finding out how to apply, and applying to English Teaching Abroad programs like JET.
  9. Working 10-20 hours a week as a keyholder (supervisory position) at the candy shop.
  10. Trying to get letters of recommendation for various applications.
  11. Figuring out how to get certified for TEFL/TESL/TESOL.
  12. Buying groceries, cooking, eating.
  13. Keeping myself clothed with clean clothes.
  14. Keeping my living environment somewhat clean and orderly.
  15. Trying to maintain friendships.
  16. Trying to maintain active participation in extra curricular groups like FASA, ASC, and JCA.
  17. Occasionally I sleep.

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