I have to write 15 EFL Lesson plans.  I had a cool idea.  The lessons would all by connected by means of an interactive narrative that would last through the entire series of lessons.  They go in the following order:

Convo: Greetings and introductions
Daily Life: Directions
Daily Life: Signs and symbols
Daily Life: Time and punctuality
Daily Life: Dining and ordering
Convo: Jokes and irony
Convo: Sarcasm and body language
Academic: Presentations and lectures (Watching, Listening, Reading)
Academic: Presentations and lectures (Writing, Presenting)
Academic: Note taking skills
Academic: Questions and Critiques
Convo: Small talk
Convo: Making plans and scheduling
Convo: Reporting events in sequence
Academic: Summary and paraphrasing

So here’s the interactive story that the learners will have been part of by the end.  You’re friend introduces you to an important businessperson who invites you to join in an academic dinner conference on your research topic.  You agree, happy to make a new acquaintence and expand your English speaking network.  The businessperson gives you driving directions to the conference site.  On your way you navigate the streets by following the road signs along with the directions you were given.  You are almost late because of a car wreck on the interstate, but manage to make it in time so that you maintain your reputation as punctual.  As you walk into the dinner room the maitre’d leads you to your seat and asks for your drink order.  You decide on your meal as your drink arrives and order it while listening to your dinnermates sarcastic jokes.  You show that you understand their jokes by chuckling politely, even though their jokes aren’t very good.  The lectures proceed, they’re academically interesting but boring to those who aren’t familiar with the topic.  You are introduced and rise and give a brief presentation on your own research topic.  You take notes on the speakers that were particularly interesting and ask questions and offer critiques as well.  You engage in polite small talk after the rest of the speeches conclude and find out that you share many interests with one of your dinnemates.  So you schedule a coffee meeting next week to get to know them better.  When you get back you tell your roommate or partner about your day.


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