So I keep telling people that I’ve been having non-stop crazy adventures.  Here’s some of what that has entailed:

  • An older JET’s birthday party in Gohoku followed by swimming in and around two waterfalls and a fireworks celebration in Usa,
  • Numerous trips to Kochi city for parties, get togethers, two whole weekends, one for the Kochi JET orientation (a.k.a. my birthday celebration), visiting the Sunday market, participating (unexpectedly) in the Yosakoi festival, Karaoke, shopping, etc.
  • A stone skipping festival and contest on the Niyodogawa river (,
  • A tug of war festival in Tosa city,
  • A fireworks festival and fun exploration trip down the west side of the prefecture to Shimanto city,
  • A fun exploration trip to the eastern tip of Kochi prefecture, ending up in Toyo town for a beach party at Shirahama beach (,
  • Three times of going to Tosa city for Yoga class,
  • Tons more smaller trips and excursions.

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