At long last I have rejoined the world

It took me over a month, but I’m finally connected to the internet at home.  I had to wait several weeks initially to have the DSL setup, then I tried to install it but failed.  After a few weeks of waiting for a copy of windows, then unsuccessfully trying to install it, i made a live CD of LinuxMint, an Ubuntu derivative.  The reason for this was, installing windows would require a reformat of my harddrive, so I needed to make a liveCD of an operating system I could guarantee would work if windows didn’t (and it sure didn’t).  So anyway, after installing LinuxMint and seeing dozens of things work suddenly that never worked correctly in Ubuntu, it occurred to me that perhaps this distribution of Linux could actually cope with the insanity that is Japan.  I hooked it up to the printer that mysteriously wouldn’t work with Ubuntu: BAM test page prints correctly.  Wowsa, I spent 2 weeks trying to figure that out before and this time it took no work.  Today, I finally had a free day.  I wasn’t actually planning on having a free day but I slept until about 2pm… it was a long night.  So anyway I took advantage of the fact that I wasn’t out on some crazy ridiculously awesome adventure again this Saturday and decided to tackle the beast that is the setup instructions for my DSL.  I tried this before with Ubuntu but couldn’t get past a certain stage.  This time I managed to use my Kanji dictionary and my awesome (sike) Japanese skills to follow the directions that said “blabla ni Click wo shite kudasai”  I guess you might even be able to gather that that means, “Click on blabla” Because it does.  So I clicked on a few blablas and then all of a sudden the next direction was go to a website.  I did.  I was like wait, this is a real website.  HOLY CRAP I HAVE INTERNET.

For some reason there’s about 50 more pages to that instruction manual that I decided to just put down and not read, because I got the result that I wanted way before I thought I would.

Anyway, LinuxMint is my new favorite thing.  It’s pretty, sexy, efficient, powerful, and not terribly fucked up as far as I can tell.  That’s a lot going for it, especially for a Linux distro.  Granted it does build on Ubuntu which is the relative New Hotness in the linux world (half of the linux world wishes it didn’t exist I’m sure).  So I’m happy with my slick new OS, my functioning internet connection, my ability to completely ignore Windows for at least a few more years, and the fact I solved a fairly heavy dilemma… nice sense of accomplishment.


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