More on LinuxMint

This post is for Austin and anyone else interested in trying out Mint. Here are a few screenshots of my desktop with the appearance settings as I have them.

Step 1: Get yourself a LiveCD of LinuxMint from their webpage. A LiveCD is a CD that will run the entire OS without installing it.  Just put it in your CD drive and reboot.  You’ll have to burn the ISO file to a CD-ROM before you can run it.

Step 2: Check it out, it runs a little slow from CD but thats because it’s running from CD…

Step 3: Take the disc out and restart back to your original OS.  Backup all your files on your external (you’re going under for the count after this, don’t be scared it’s a cathartic experience getting rid of Windows).

Step 4: Put the LiveCD back in and restart, this time go ahead and click Installer Only.  Follow the instructions, they’re very simple.  Reformat your hard drive entirely (probably), or run Mint as a dual boot.  It will tell you what to do for either.

Step 5: Play around more, Check out the “Control Center” under the main menu for most of your major preferences and settings.  You can install new software with the Software Manager under the same menu.

Step 6: Ask me if you have questions or want to know how to do something, or search on Google, Google probably knows too.

Notes on Linux terms:
Gnome = popular Linux desktop environment (What you interact with, but not equivalent to saying “Linux”)
LinuxMint = The particular distribution of the open source Linux operating system, comes with a set of prepackaged applications, configurations, and settings
Ubuntu = The distribution on which LinuxMint is primarily built.
Linux = The underlying functions and structure on which the programs and utilities the computer runs are built.


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