Bring Bring Bring bring! Jackpot

Muahahahaha… MUAHAHAHAHA. 2 months of searching has rewarded me with the holy fuckin’ grail. I found a gym with free weights. A real squat rack, bench, dumbells, etc. It even has full area bumper mats if I want to do power cleans. Plus a pullup bar! All for how much? How much you ask? No more than 100 yen per visit, that’s roughly 1 dollar per visit to the gym. Assuming I go 3 times a week that’s less than 15 dollars per month! MUAHAHAHAHA. The kicker? It’s about a 10 minute drive from my house to the parking lot. Helllllllssss yes. Now I just need my neighbor ALT to get off his broke ass leg and come lift with me.


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