So excited

I like getting paid. It means I can buy things. For example, I’m going to buy my very first video camera soon! It’s actually good that I’m buying it sooner rather than later because if I waited I would certainly spend more money that I would have saved up. Whereas now, I don’t have that much extra money so I’m spending less on it, around 700 USD. I need to buy it now because the deadline for the film festival I’m going to use it for is October 26th. That’s before I get paid again. I’m pretty sure the camera I’m getting is going to be the JVC GZ-HM400. It’s a High Definition video camcorder aimed at upper end consumers. I really wanted to buy a prosumer grade video camera, but I really don’t need something that nice, nor do I need to spend that kind of money, like.. 5x the price of this one.

I also bought a tent! I was looking at 2 tents. One tent was about 100 USD and weighed 6kg. The other was 130 USD and weighed 3kg. I went with the latter so I can take it with me on biking adventures. A backpack, a tent, and a bike = a fun adventure to just about anywhere.

Surf Camp is this weekend, I’m so excited! I’ve wanted to learn to surf for so long!


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