a new flavor of evil

Ever wonder why I titled my blog this?  Well it’s not that long of an explanation actually but it has multiple facets. After I graduated high school I wanted to change my AIM screen name away from LHS Mark J, because I wasn’t reppin’ Liberty High School anymore. I was particularly fascinated by the concept of absolute good and evil and convinced that there was no such thing. As such I made my new screen name with evil in it, and went with EvilestMark. Furthermore this had a nice parallel with my brother’s screen name which comprised the same grammatical format, “AdjectiveName”. When studying abroad in Tokyo I found with my friends that my first name could be represented by two very interesting chinese characters, 真悪. The first is pronounced “Mah”, and the second “aku”. When transliterating from English to Japanese, “r” sounds towards the end of syllables like in my name “Mark” turn into long vowels. 真 means something like truth, reality, or similar. It’s also used in 写真 “shah-sheen” which are the characters for photograph, as in “capturing reality” as well as in 真っ白 “Mahs-sheeroh” which means absolute white. 悪 by itself means bad, evil, terrible, etc. When you put the two together most people I’ve talked to, and myself interpret it basically as “Ultimate evil”, “perfect evil”, “truly evil” or something that is essentially, and coincidentally equivalent to “Evilest”. I’m rather fond of this fact, especially since I didn’t know about it at all when initially selecting my screen name for AIM. Though there are many other ways of transliterating my first name into Chinese characters (Kanji), I choose this one because it either shocks the Japanese people I meet or makes them burst out in laughter. Either response I appreciate greatly.

The name of this blog in particular “a new flavor of evil” originated from my previous fascination in philosophical good and evil. I adapted my feelings about the absence of inherent goodness or evilness and decided that my perspectives could rightly be subjectively evil, perceived to be so by myself or others. At anyrate, who likes the same old same old? Not me. I like the new flavors of most anything 🙂 So I figured my blogged views and commentary could represent a “new flavor of evil”.

For November is National Novel Writing Month I’m planning on using good and evil as strong themes in my book, beyond just the typical amount of protagonist repping the good and antagonist repping the bad, or some anti-hero. I want to really explore what that means. And I know it’s been done before, but it will be fun for me to try to write.


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