November hits

Sweet. I am rockin and rollin’. Actually that’s a cover up, but my true emotions are a well guarded secret that only the characters in my NaNoWriMo story know about. I’m pumping them full of feeling, sapped from my real life wants, desires, hates, fears, and fantasies. It’s awesome, Novel writing month kicked off and I’ve already passed the daily quota of 1666 words I’m over 2300 and plan on doing near 3000 by the end of the night.

Right now I’m cooking up some chicken, cabbage, bean sprouts, and left over stir fry. Gotta get some nutrients before our trip to Iya Valley tomorrow. Matt and I are going outside the prefecture for the first time since we’ve been in Kochi. Totally stoked to see one of Japan’s “Hidden Valleys”. After that we’re meeting up with my friend from Tokushima.

Saturday Tyler and I made our way down to Irino beach. I tried out my new surfboard. It’s fuckin’ difficult, but that’s okay. I loved being in the waves and trying my best to ride them in to shore. I couldn’t stand up on this board, but I think I’ll be able to after a few weeks of practice in spring. It was glorious to be out on the beach again and it reminded me once more how much I love this prefecture of Japan.

The awesomest thing ever, last night a semi-coworker from the town office had a halloween party for several kids from the village. They actually organized a neighborhood trick-or-treat. I was blown away. The kids costumes were so legit too, and the neighbors loaded them down with candy. It was just like Halloween in the states would be on a good year. I’m so happy about the people around here and how open to new things and new ideas they are. P.S. Halloween is not a Japanese holiday, they mostly just decorate stores and such and have a costume party or two. Trick-or-treating is still a foreign concept entirely.


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