10k Run

This morning I participated in Hidaka Village’s annual Mohei Marathon, which is actually a half marathon event including a 10k, a 3k, and a 1.5k run as well. Most of my students than ran participated in the 3k and 1.5k, largely depending on their age. I ran in the 10k placing 81/121.

I managed to run the whole thing in 58’21” which I thought was pretty good. I was happy to keep the time under an hour, meaning I averaged roughly 6 minutes per kilometer. When you figure that a kilometer is the better part of a mile that means I was probably running between 8-12 minute miles throughout the run. I’m not a runner, I occasionally got for 1-3k jogs to stay healthy but I haven’t done a distance like that since high school. It was fun and I think I’ll probably participate next year too.

I’m still behind on my novel. Im going to force myself to catch up tonight and tomorrow. It’s getting more and more difficult to just write crap because I’m rather connected to what’s going on, even though what I’ve written so far isn’t that good. I want to try to make it good, but I really need to just focus on finishing for now. Even if I try to make it good that doesn’t mean it will be good and I think some of the best parts I’ve written up to now were things I hadn’t planned that just came out while I was trying to meet the word limit.

December is for revisions, November is for spitting out more words per hour than you ever thought you could! w


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