NaNo 90% and Thanksgiving in Japan

Today I will pass the 90% mark on my NaNoWriMo novel. Yesterday was technically Thanksgiving day as celebrated by America, but in terms of simultime, it’s still going on right now. Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated the same here in Japan as it is in the US, but they’re not completely unaware of our celebration. As with most American holidays though, the Japanese don’t really get the point, but that’s okay! They celebrate a “Labor Thanksgiving” day around the same time in November. I am planning a turkey-less thanksgiving potluck feast with my English Conversation class. Hopefully I’ll be cooking some whole chickens instead, but it will depend on what’s available. I could’ve ordered turkeys from Foreign Buyers Club. But for the number of people I’m cooking for, I really didn’t want to be bothered with trying to roast multiple full sized turkeys, especially without an oven of my own. It’ll be a Japanese thanks giving, and that’s perfect, since I’m in Japan.


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