Johnson Family Christmas

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My family has among recent years shifted from giving eachother gifts to diverting our Christmas time expenditures to people outside the family, especially in the form of charity.  This year I donated 25 USD to the Office of Letters and Lights and 50 USD to the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Office of Letters and Lights is the nonprofit organization that manages and holds the annual NaNoWriMo internet event that I participated in and won this year.  They also do a lot of work to bring writing to children in accessible, engaging, and fun ways.

The Wikimedia Foundation is the nonprofit organization that provides Wikipedia to the world for free.  They are staffed by only 35 paid employees and hundreds of thousands of volunteers.  Their technology maintenance costs alone are in the millions of dollars and their employees don’t look to be making huge sums (based on their financial summary). 2,100,000 USD / 35 people = 60,000.  No where near the realm of what many major internet corporation employees make.

Together that only makes 75$ of donation.  So I’m still pondering what other things I will donate to this year.  I don’t have any numerical quota for donation, it’s just what I feel like.  Giving is easy, try it.


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  1. Mjohnson

    It is easy to give isn’t it. There are so many worthy causes though it’s hard sometimes to pick. This year we picked two ‘angels’ off the tree at the library and gave generously to them. We also donated through Barnes & Noble to the Alliance for Families and Children by purchasing books they had pre-selected.

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