Games and Helena

I recently installed LinuxMint 8 Helena.  It did not fix my skype problem but it’s very slightly better at doing a few things than LinuxMint 7 Gloria was.  Primarily it changed the software manager program and improved the desktop interface a little bit.  Supposedly the underlying Kernel has been improved as well, though most of that is unbeknownst to me.

Anyway I’m celebrating by downloading two games that are cross platform, resource conservative, and extremely highly rated for being awesome: World of Goo and Mechanarium.  The prior is a puzzle/adventure game where you have to make constructions out of goo balls that you can stick together.  It brings me back to the days of Senior Bridge Project at Gov. School.  The latter is a point and click adventure game that features really freaking cool art and music.  It’s also just generally very well done.  I downloaded both for a whopping total of 30 USD (Mechanarium was on Christmas discount for 10 USD).  Should keep me entertained for a while.

Here’s some screenshots of my new desktop.


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