Mikan Run Productions

I chose the name of my independent production studio.  I was thinking I wanted to do something with mikan, it’s my favorite Japanese fruit.  Easily peeleable, seedless tangerines.  Would’ve just gone with Mikan Productions but that just sounds way too general and is probably a lawsuit waiting to happen.  So I am now officially Mikan Run Productions.  mikan run productions logo with running mikan graphicThis graphic is mostly just a placeholder but it’s also the concept drawing of the kind of thing I’d like to make eventually.
In other news I downloaded Blender, a 3D modeling program.  After I work through the countless tutorials needed to begin to understand how this extremely complicated program works, I’m going to make the Mikan Run production studio Splash animation.  You know, like 20th Century Fox’s spotlights, and Joss Whedon’s Mutant Enemy animation with  “Grrr. Argh”.  Yeah well, mine’s gonna be a Mikan in the middle of the screen “Mikan.” Then it will sprout legs and run across with a little trail of dust. “Mikan Run.”  Then my logo will show up, something like above.

What is Mikan Run Productions gonna make you ask? Videography, Short Films, Music, Radio, Podcasts, who knows what, now I have a label to slap onto it.  Thus I begin my own indie brand identity.

P.S. Other than my logo (and possibly this too after I look into some legal stuff) most everything I make will be licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution.  I’m not out to make money, just havin’ fun.  Let’s go Copyleft.


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