D&D and a Pizza Place

Had our first Dungeons and Dragons session last night.  Only three of us all together, so its not ideal, but it is still pretty fun.  The ideal group size ranges from between 5-7 including the Game master (In my experience).  That way everyone can take the lead when they want and relax and listen other times, and there’s just more opportunities for player interaction.  I’m pretty happy with the way it progressed.  I’ve got a bit of homework to do before next time!

Also, I finally stopped by the nearest pizza place.  And what do you know, its freakin’ amazing.  Beautiful shop with a beautiful outdoor seating area as well.  The pizza is among the best I’ve had in Japan, and thats good because most pizza in Japan is pretty much crap.  The place is called Hatayama Garden, its right on Route 33 between Hidaka and Ino, almost at the border actually.  Price is about par, roughly 1300¥ per pizza.  The coolest thing is, if I read the Japanese correctly, they mostly use vegetables they grew themselves, and otherwise local ingredients.  I love that, go green!


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