Stuff I want to do at some point

I feel like writing down a list of some of the things I’d like to do.  If possible I’ll write a deadline, as self encouragement.  Somethings I can’t see myself doing in the foreseeable future.

1. Learn to read Japanese like a Japanese High Schooler. (I’m planning to have this down by Dec. 2011 in accordance with my JLPT deadline)

2. *Done Nov 30. 2011* Write another novel. (probably gonna pound this out during Nov. 2010 for Nanowrimo round 2)

3. Write a film screenplay and film it. (Might be able to do a short one of these while in Japan)

4. Write a text-based adventure or RPG computer game.  (This probably isn’t gonna happen while I’m in Japan unless all my friends leave and I have no social life anymore, and certainly not until after I’ve accomplished #1 on this list.)

5. *Done.  Nagasaki in 2010 and Nagasaki in 2011* Do a personal pilgrimage to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  (While I’m in Japan)

6. *Done. After Nagasaki I continued down to Yakushima in 2010* Spend at least a few days in Yakushima, wandering the forests.  (While I’m in Japan)

7.  *Running two as of November 2011* Successfully run a table top RPG campaign.  (This is just gonna depend on finding people who can logistically attend and have some interest)


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