The best games I’ve played

This is a short list of the best games I’ve played and why I think they are in fact so good.  I am not limiting this list to video games or card games, etc.  Just a short list of my top picks, more or less in descending order.

  1. Planescape: Torment (PC): Probably my all time favorite as well as a freaking brilliant narrative game.  The game play itself is not that fun but it makes up for it with a beautiful setting, top notch writing, voice acting, and plot design.  I keep wanting to play it over and over and over and over again even though the aspects that you can change with replays don’t in my opinion make it more interesting (unless you managed to bash through the game with a low intelligence score, in which case you missed half the story).  Nearing this game in terms of awesome comes Fallout 1 and 2, but neither are anywhere near as well written or ingeniously crafted narratives.  They do however pick up in game play where Planescape fails.
  2. Once Upon a Time (Card): This game attains the essence of collaborative group story telling and keeps it fast paced and engaging for everyone.  Pretty much infinite replay value, especially with various setting expansions.
  3. Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES): This is one of the best platform games ever produced, a well recognized champion in the world of gaming.
  4. Go (Board): The pinnacle of simple strategic mental combat.  There’s one type of game piece.  It doesn’t really move once played, it just changes colors sometimes.  Probably the most played board game in the world.
  5. Doukutu Monogatari, A.K.A. Cave Story (Various Electronic): An relatively new retro style indie platform RPG.  Brought the genre to new heights and is available for free download.
  6. World of Goo (PC): One of those puzzle games that just does things totally differently.  Up here near this degree of awesome are Braid and And Yet It Moves.

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