Technology Update

Well, I’ve done it again.  I change operating systems like no one else I know.  I’m intrigued by whatever’s shiny and different.  Anyway I’m currently running Fedora 13 Gnu/Linux with the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) and the Openbox window manager.  It’s lightning fast.  As fast or faster than this computer has ever been.  Even Firefox’s bloated self runs reasonably quick, and using a lightweight browser like Midori or Epiphany is like… it’s like warp 10.  Unfortunately I still need Firefox because neither Midori nor Epiphany properly support google’s online applications or rikai-chan.  Those are both showstoppers for me, so I can’t drop the bloatware yet.  Anyway I’ve been having fun maximizing my screen real estate lately, so I’ve taken some pictures of how I’m operating.

I tried KDE briefly, Oh holy crap that was slow.  It also looked like windows or something equally worse.  There were these funny transparent things with weird side-attached control buttons? What’s that about? They’re way to into their desktop widgets.  Anyway, I’m having fun with LXDE, things are running splendidly.


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