bento lunches

I had an idea.  I like it when I have ideas.  I wish I had more ideas.  The only think I like more than having an idea, is having an idea that someone else likes too.  So I hope you can take this one and run with it, or something, that would make me happy.

My problem: I’m spending more money than I’d like to be on food.

The solution: Slow down the eating out and buying expensive pre-made and not particularly healthy lunches.

The details: For lunch at work I pretty much have 2 options, buy a bento lunch set from the grocery store next door (when I’m at the board of education) or bring my own.  Technically I could go home and eat, but the transit takes like 10 minutes of my break, and screw that, plus I like talking to my co-workers at lunch.  When I buy bentou’s they usually run about 400 yen and tack on another 2-300 for enough food to satisfy me.

The game plan:

I found this site,, it’s cool.  It has inspired me.  I’m going to buy a few more bentou accessories to make packing lunches easier and more flexible, then plan to pack my lunch at least 4/5 days a week.  I’m going to make awesome bento’s everyday for a week, and take a picture of it, post it to the blog, and detail the contents for you all to marvel over.  Part of the coolness of bentou lunches is the attention to detail and attractiveness of the arrangement.  I will do my best not to skip over this part.  Hopefully I can set up 2 weeks worth of easy to make bento recipes that I can just alternate through and repeat over and over.

Wish me luck.


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