I have a dream… of a perfect desk

I hate most every desk I’ve ever used.  They’re full of stupid features and are clunky, and non-modular.  Usually way too heavy or terribly unsturdy.  In my mind a perfect desk must be made to suit anyone, thus it has to be customizable, and it needs to be easy to move without breaking.  Furthermore you should never have to worry about it breaking under something’s weight.

This is my basic design.  Look simple?  It should.  It’s supposed to be simple.  It’s also meant to be smart, modular, and strong.

I see this being built from heavy duty plastic, aluminum, or other strong lightweight material.  It has 4 legs with no crossing support beams.  The legs are bolted into the desktop and can be removed by ratcheting out the bolts.  The legs are round as are the table top edges to prevent injury from bumping or falling into it.  The legs are also adjustable.  They are made from two different pieces, the bottom of which slides into the top and can be locked in place with a stainless steel, titanium, or other strong, durable metal pin and slot mechanism.  The minimal height is roughly half that of the maximal height such that the bottom legs can be completely enveloped within the upper legs.  I would test weight and strength such that it could support roughly 180-200 kg before breaking.  That’s enough to support two good sized adults, or one extremely large adult, and more than enough for almost any desktop materials like computers or stacks of books.  It needs to be easily movable as well, so keeping it under 50kg would be optimal.

Since the top is bolt on, it is modular.  For those who desire, alternative desktops could be purchased that offer shelving and other accessories.  Different desktop sizes would be easily designed as long as the leg slots were standard.  The desktops themselves would essentially be grids of expansion bolt slots that are covered by tight fitting covers.  You could bolt anything you wanted to the desk, but various accessories would be available like shelving units, drawers, lockable cabinets, etc.  Non-adjustable legs could be purchased that might offer even higher weight capacities, other legs might be used to create a tilted surface for artists and architects. For me personally I would want one with dimensions of something like 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep, and sized for best sitting posture.

Comments? Ideas? Would someone mind building this for me?


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