My Summer Vacation Week

I took a week of vacation this past week. I really needed it. It was really really fun and relaxing and generally awesome!

Let’s see if I remember everything that I did in that time.

Saturday I went to a live music performance in Kochi city where three bands in which friends of mine played were performing.

Sunday I went to the tea ceremony at Culport that I posted about, then was invited to that friend’s house for dinner and her grandmother’s birthday.

Monday I went rafting on the Yoshino river as I posted.

Tuesday I spent most of the day editing for the Musical video, and finished the highlights section of it.

Wednesday I drove around taking pictures all day, visited Ben in Motoyama and recorded a podcast (which I have yet to upload).

Thursday I went to the Yasui valley waterfalls with Miu, had udon up there, then came back and enjoyed a luxurious nap.

Friday I edited the video for a while, then went caving in Hidaka’s Saruda cave with Momo, her friend, and a co-worker. Later I came into the city and watched Inception with Ben and some others.

Saturday, without going home I drove from the movie theater to George’s place, had a rest, then we headed out to the beach at 2 am so as to arrive at 5 for sunrise. He surfed, I filmed, we had breakfast by the beach, went out to another beach, he surfed, I filmed, then we went to a some stores, picked up supplies, did the Shimanto beer float, I napped and whined about eye strain, others played games.

Sunday, we woke up in various places, beached again, drove home, and relaxed.


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