What is the ultimate purpose for our being?

Well I don’t really know for sure but since it doesn’t seem like there is any, it would make sense that everyone could define the answer to that question for themselves.

And thus I have done so for myself as well. I feel that more than any other task our ultimate job here is to craft cultural content for our peers, our future generations, and perhaps anyone that might be around at any point looking at our stuff. Now I will define what I mean by cultural content.

Cultural content is the result of individual expression and manipulation of one’s environment and surroundings. This could be any number of things, like a book, a brick wall, a social movement, a religion, software, a scholarly or scientific article, etc. There are very few things that this can’t be, they are perhaps more abstract things and ideas like shelter, sustenance, health, happiness. While cultural content does not include shelter, it would however definitely include anything created to serve as shelter as individual expression is implied in the act of creation.

This is an ethically neutral philosophy. That’s important to note, because as I defined it individual expression and cultural content could just as easily be genocide or torture as it could be a painting or a social movement for personal liberties.

I reconcile ethical neutrality with this philosophy because ethics are a device for functioning within society and in my mind are unrelated with any objective purpose that humanity is here to fulfill or carry out. This objective purpose to create cultural content would exist in my mind even if one were the sole survivor of a human extinction and lived in the bounds of no society, because there might be some viewer elsewhere looking in and understanding our content.

What do you think? What would you define as the/your ultimate purpose in life?


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