Nerdy stuff for the nerds: Openbox

WOW. Not world of warcraft, sorry nerds. WOW!!! as in WOWZA. Openbox is bloody fast. LXDE which runs Openbox + LXDE applications and addons was fast, but this is faster! The LXDE apps really weren’t particularly useful to me, I mostly just liked the speed. Right now I’m running plain Openbox with an XFCE-4 panel floating around to watch what programs I have open and such. Gonna keep tweaking until I’m really happy. I would really like to run Midori as my primary browser but it’s still missing too many features, which I guess is part of the point of it. So I’m sticking with Firefox for the time being. I had moved to Chrome but then Japanese font support failed out of nowhere. Bam, back to good ole’ trusty Firefox.

I’m starting to appreciate vertical panels floating on the sides as opposed to top/bottom panels/docks that are traditional in gnome, kde, windows, and os x.

So here’s my current setup:
Openbox for Window management
No Desktop per se
Xfce-4 Panel for clock, notifications, and application management
Empathy for Instant Messaging
Pino for Microblogging
Firefox for Web Browsing
Gmail (default set to basic html) for Email
Thunar for File Browsing
Gnote for mental organization and note keeping
Gedit for coding


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