Family came, family went, I will go to family in the Winter, tickets are bought.

I have money available in both countries now, useful for internet skills and stuff.

I presented at the new JET prefectural orientation on Friday about Elementary and Intermediate Japanese.  Despite having way too much information to impart in the 30 minutes I had and not even getting to all of it and barely scratching the surface of some things I wanted to delve deep into, I got a lot of compliments and was even told by several people that I was inspiring and motivational enough to make them excited about learning Japanese.  AWESOME!  Best effect I could hope for.

I’ve decided to approach the problem of not having covered everything I wanted by filling it in with a solo podcast episode and accompanying blog post on kochiperspective.blogspot.com that details all of the information.

In related news I’ve been slowly getting back to my studies and my workout routine.  I’ve decided on a new goal that should help accompany my JLPT goal: Join a translation team of an open source project.  I’m excited about working towards that goal and I think it will be at the very least an excellent target to work towards if not a great way to study.



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