Nerding Out

I have 3 computers at the moment, each running a different OS.  My work laptop runs Fedora 13 still, I’m thinking of switching back to a Debian based distro but I might stick with Fedora, we’ll see how things go.

My main home computer is the Mac Mini running the latest Mac OS X.  I hate that a lot less having moved the dock to the side where its behaviours are less infuriating.  OS X still does some things that boggle my mind with icon management.  Like if I select a group of icons on the desktop, drag such that they would be covered by the dock on the left, then let go of them, they reorganize seemingly randomly.  They re-organize every time I repeat that in a different seemingly logicless way.  wtf?  Also, they have some bizarre idea that sorting shouldn’t prioritize file type by default, and I have yet to find the settings to change system-wide defaults for file sorting or presentation.  Nonetheless the Mac Mini is far and away my most powerful computer and the only one capable of serious video editing and DVD burning.  It might turn into a multi-media PC in the future when I eventually get worn out from Mac trading logic for looks.

And lastly I have received a Toshiba satellite from what must be the turn of the millennium.  It’s older than my own Thinkpad and the front clasp seems to be broken off.  It’s running Windows XP and… gasp, I’m going to leave it on there.  I don’t need this computer at all, so I decided I would use it as a retro PC gaming box for running all the games I can’t really run on my Linux machine.  Of which, there’s really only like 1, Planescape: Torment.  The stats on the machine are pretty poor, it’s got a 1ghz Celeron (yeech) processor, something like 256 MB of ram, and an 18 gig HD.  I don’t think it even has a built in wireless card.  The thing is, the games I want to run… require even less, they were made before the turn of the millennium.  I deleted most of the stuff off the machine including MS Office, Norton Antivirus, all of the remaining personal files from the previous owner, and just about every other seemingly unnecessary piece of software that might try to run in the background.  I have no need for anti-virus since I don’t exactly plan on interacting with other computers and won’t be storing any irreplaceable data on the machine at all.

I installed: Planescape: Torment, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, Battle for Wesnoth, Cave Story, Frogatto, and a few other highly acclaimed freeware games.  I’m considering purchasing the Baldur’s gate collection and/or the Myst collection.

I’m loving playing through Planescape: Torment again, this time I’m doing my very best to stick to Lawful Good alignment, it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to use the permanent +1 constitution Lawful Good only Tear of Salieru-Dei.  I look forward to being able to use “Celestial Fire” later on in the game for the first time as well, arguably the best weapon in the game.  Playing through as a Fighter only too, letting the other party members fill out the other rolls.  I also can’t believe I never made use of Morte’s special abilities the first few times I played through… Morte is a beast, a skull beast.


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