How do you consume media?

I sometimes think my media consumption habits are weird.  I don’t watch TV unless it comes out on DVD and I hear a lot of really good things about it.  I don’t listen to much in the way of radio anymore, though I used to listen to NPR in the States when driving sometimes.  I’m not a huge book reader, but if I find a book that I really like I can invest a lot of time in it and will often read huge chunks at once (I am a slow reader).  I also really disliked most comic books and graphic novels until I read Watchmen.  As with most things a shining example of awesome will overwhelm my distaste for a certain media format, etc.

I probably spend a lot of time consuming information via Wikipedia, I really like watching movies and listening to music.  I think my movie watching habits are probably fairly normal, I like to go see movies in theatre if they look like they’ll be very good or have cool effects and seem worth seeing.  I also rent movies from the video rental store called Tsutaya here, and did in the States through rental stores and Netflix, a very cool service.  As far as music goes I don’t really like ambient music during most of my other activities and instead I rather prefer to focus on listening to the music.  The one exception to that is driving, when it often helps long boring rides with terrible traffic to have a good CD or two.  I get my music through various channels, a lot of freely available music from and Jamendo and other creative commons and public domain sources.  I eschew violating copyright law because I am highly critical of it and I like to reserve my ranting rights without fearing the wrath of the RIAA, MPAA and other ridiculous outdated organizations.  I also appreciate my local library for finding books, especially reference and non-fiction stuff, surprisingly there’s still a lot that you can’t find on Google, esp. when it comes to Japan.

Lately I’ve slowly been learning the coolness of RSS feeds paired with good sources.  I thought for a long time that podcasts and blogs weren’t really worth syndicating until I came across a few shows that I legitimately enjoy.  Nowadays I use Google Reader for blog reading and Miro for podcast and video RSS feeds.  I’m a big fan of the Ted Talks show and the Linux Outlaws and FLOSS Weekly Podcasts.

What do you watch, listen, or read?  And how do you do it?  I’m always looking for new channels of media.



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2 responses to “How do you consume media?

  1. I also listen to Linux Outlaws and FLOSS Weekly! What a coincidence!

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