Photo Projects

I recently started using a photo-organizer program called Shotwell that makes it a bit easier to handle photos between my camera, my computer, and flickr.  Which has been encouraging me to take more.  As such I decided to start an new endeavor.  I’m presently working on taking pictures of all the different crops I see growing around me.  I realized these might be interesting to see the sort of agricultural landscape that exists around me.

Obviously the most common crop around is rice, but there’s a surprising amount of other things like ginger.  I took a couple photos but I’ll try to get some better onces before I make a photo post detailing them.

If you have anything you’d like to see documented via photography in Shikoku, let me know.  I’m always interested in new subject matter for photography.


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  1. matt dean

    How is Jicho-san? Ikeda-sensai? I was just typing around on youtube and decided to punch in hidaka-mura for fun…your tour of your apartment came up. I used to be a JET participant there. Are you still there? If you are can you do me a favour and pass on a hello to them…I have more favours to ask of you but I will wait and see if this is any where near acceptable before I ask for another.


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