Nagasaki and Yakushima

I learned a bit about myself on this trip to Kyushu.

  1. I like going at my own pace.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.
  2. I don’t actually get that bored if I’m moving, even if no one else is around.
  3. I think a lot more when I’m alone.
  4. I don’t like driving that much.
  5. Kochi has just about everything I was looking for from Yakushima, and it’s like a treasure hunt trying to find it!

The thing that struck me most about Nagasaki around the bomb hypocenter was that, I was the only person looking up.  I’m not sure if that has to do with other people’s lack of interest in trying to empathize, their naivette, or just a difference in focus between the bombing itself and the destruction it caused.

For me, the bombing itself is far far far worse than the destruction it caused.  An act of nature can deal more damage than that as we have seen from disasters like Katrina, the Indian Ocean tsunami, etc.  What warrants reflection at Nagasaki is the actions of humans, not their consequences alone.  To that point, I was a little disappointed at how much the museum focused on the atrocities and damage and how little it emphasized people’s present ability to prevent such things from ever happening again.  In my mind a place like that is a fantastic locus for motivation and stimulation for people to do wonderful things.  I didn’t see anything steering tourists directly to action.  Why are they wasting their opportunity?  Rule #51.  Regretting the past is useless, Reflecting on the past is useful.

Yakushima is a beautiful place.  There are indeed trees that have been growing unhindered for several thousand years there.  There are many more however that are but stumps.  I think had there been fewer stumps and more full size yaku cedars I would have been more moved/affected.  I took pictures.

It really just makes me want to get deeper into Kochi though.



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2 responses to “Nagasaki and Yakushima

  1. Martha Johnson

    You must have a bit of your father in you. He has found that he enjoys traveling solo as well for some of the same reasons. He always meets interesting people that he engages in conversation. You take much much much better photos!

    • The thing is… I don’t really like the traveling part of traveling. I’d much rather just live somewhere new for a while and get to know it via day trips. This is one of the realizations I had.

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